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Dr. Danarius M Hemphill "Wrongfully Convicted: Walking in Truth & Freedom"

About the Author

Danarius Monroe Hemphill, also known as “Dr. D”, is one of the newest and freshest emerging voices of this generation. He is a leader, educator, speaker, activist, and generation-changer who truly understands the importance of leaving a positive impact and legacy for future generations of progressive leaders in Metropolitan Detroit (his community), the United States, and abroad.

With his first book, Wrongfully Convicted, Dr. D hopes to inspire change through the empowerment of God amid the struggles of 21st century living.


Wrongfully Convicted is not your average memoir. In this book, Author Danarius Hemphill exposes himself in an authentic and captivating way, so that others who have gone through similar experiences of molestation can begin to realize they too can be healed of self-inflicted shame, depression, and baggage.

"Wrongfully Convicted is not just my story but it is also my victory, my success and the venue needed for the wounds to be totally healed from within. I'm sharing so the next time you stumble you won't sit and doubt but be prepared to get back up and fight again."

This life-changing read explains that regardless of where you are in life, you'll win if you don't Quit!

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