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Meet Tamera Elyse Trimuel, Seventeen Year Old Powerhouse!

Tamera Elyse Trimuel Author/Entrepreneur/Songwriter/Producer/Motivational Speaker

“Dear Black Girl, You are IT” was inspired and written by Tamera Elyse Trimuel, a seventeen-year-old powerhouse who is determined to use her voice and talent to empower and change the lives of young girls who are searching for self-love. Tamera is a change agent and loves to inspire others to become the change they want to see. At the age of nine, Tamera started her own business, Tamera’s Treasures. She created custom made tiara treasure boxes to remind girls to “Treasure the Girl in You.”

As a freshman in high school, Tamera attended Disney Dreamer’s Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine, and Black Girls LEAD, sponsored by Black Girls Rock, Inc. The two events changed her life and inspired her to write her own book, musical production and movie, all to be launched before she graduates from high school in 2021. She was featured in the Chicago Crusader magazine and wrote articles for Her Voice Matters & The Homegirl Project. Tamera has a beautiful, warm and inviting personality that draws you to her. She has uncompromising integrity and carries herself in an impeccable manner.

Time is of the essence, which is why Tamera is using every opportunity to empower girls to live, laugh out loud, and dance to the rhythm of their own beat!


“Dear Black Girl, You are IT” wages war against the stereotypes of young black girls. In a world designed to keep black girls inferior, this book will inspire young black girls to love themselves completely and to destroy the stigma that was put in place to defeat them. You will stop looking at yourself as just ordinary, and instead, realize you are a Black Girl who has the power to transcend the barriers that are positioned to limit you. God gave you the strength, power, grace, and freedom to live your life in greatness.

“Dear Black Girl, You Are IT” will show you who you are destined to become. This book will reverse how you view yourself and reveal how to renew your mind so that you love the Black Girl you are purposed to be.

The powerful affirmations and provoking questions will empower you to STEP FORWARD into your destiny and start to become your future S.E.L.F. “Dear Black Girl, You Are IT” will inspire you to look beyond where you are now and help you to dream about your future Intelligent & Triumphant self. Black Girl, you are about to introduce a new S.E.L.F. to the world.

To contact Tamera for products or speaking engagements, please contact her at:

Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: @tameraelysetrimuel Twitter: @tameraetrimuel

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