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Proven Not Perfect: 7 Truths of a Corporate Executive, Mommy, Wife, and Christian

Pushing past anxiety and fear... taking the plunge of vulnerability ...

When I was inspired to write this book, it was made clear that I had a story to tell, and one that would resonate with the journey that many of us travel. We are many things, but balanced is not one of them.

I have never made seeking balance my goal; in fact, for me, it has been quite the opposite. A lack of patience and extreme drive has granted me highs and lows, leading me to my new truth: success... skills + heart = Impact.

This truth came with the price of experience, and I am extremely grateful.

Some of the key lessons I learned...

1. See people and situations as they are 2. Stay true to your inner conviction and truth 3. Seek peace in your decisions

Up to this point, my goal was to rise to the top of an organization. After reaching “the top” with my old truth, I took a 7-month journey to define my new truth. I am excited to tell you all about that journey, and my Mecca, in my next book, “Do Not Limit Me”.

Also, I look forward to connecting and staying in touch with you on social media, as we likely all continue to prove that we are not perfect.

Peace and Blessings Shontra


"Proven Not Perfect: 7 Truths of a Corporate Executive, Mommy, Wife, and Christian," is a book of encouragement and inspiration for those who are driven to live their best life, while serving multiple roles. The subject of the book is the author, a 26-year corporate businesswoman, who is married with 3 kids. On the outside, it may appear that she is tireless and fearless, but privately she struggles with managing fears, frustrations, and regrets.

In these journal excerpts, we connect with the author personally. The author anchors the reader around 7 lessons, allowing the reader to move from their own personal connections to a more discrete lesson learned by the author in key areas, including: inspiration, confidence, drive, fortitude, humility, optimism and courage. Each lesson ends with what the author calls a thought 'instigator', encouraging the reader to self-reflect for a more fulfilled journey of his or her own.

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