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I wish I could look you in the eyes and tell you, sis, I see you! You are somewhere in between, I am going to go hard for Christ, love myself, love my tribe, and glow up… and on your mentally exhausting days, you’re beating yourself up for past and current failures that have somehow convinced you that your glorious redeem life is a lie, and one day you will be exposed! 

These tormenting thoughts have tried to take you out, and every little thing triggers you. Your mood changes from minute to minute, and you spend half of your week combating thoughts of inadequacy, impostor syndrome, and low-self worth. Why? Because the devil, your adversary, is truly checking for you. And I have learned over the last few years that the increased battles spiritually, mentally, and emotionally happen in your life for one reason: 

The enemy is terrified of the redeemed you. 

Your purpose, gifts, calling, and the lives you will impact are attached to your freedom in Christ. 

So Get Ready Sis, It's Freedom Season!


To know Tiheasha is to know a sister, and a friend. She stands firmly on her convictions to inspire women to fully embrace their God-given assignments and hopes to be an encouragement through her messaging of hope, restoration, and freedom.

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