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Emerging HERstory Voice Ngina L. Thomas, Shares How She Reclaimed Her Life After Prison

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National (Oct. 18, 2022)- Ngina L. Thomas, a rising voice in the HERstory movement, uses her platform to share her story of freedom and hope after serving a 70-month Federal term of imprisonment in Alderson, West Virginia.

After reclaiming her life, Ngina became a full-time entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor to help champion change in women recovering from broken homes, bad relationships, and self-sabotaging behavior. “I am passionate about personal development, self-care, and mental wellness,” Ngina expressed during her recent Life After Publishing podcast interview.

With her debut book, Why Worship and her newly founded ministry, Altar Talk, Ngina has made it her mission to provide a message of hope, empowerment, and encouragement to women around the world.

About Ngina L. Thomas

In proportion to her call to the marketplace and entrepreneurial grace given, Ngina is the owner of Studio Chique, a city-chic salon and specialty spa located in northwest Washington, DC, where she leads a fantastic team of existing and aspiring spa/salon professionals. Ngina has also founded Empowered By Beauty, Inc (EBB) and Altar Talk Ministries both of which focus on rebuilding and restoring professional and spiritual identity through empowerment teaching and training.

To connect with Ngina and learn more about her mission, story, and impact, visit her website at Also, find her new book, Why Worship, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Contact: Ngina L. Thomas

Title: Author and Speaker


Purchase Book: Barnes & Noble, Amazon

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