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365-Day Selfie Challenge with Author Simone Allen!

We all go through unique life experiences, and when we have the courage to share about those times, we’re creating a platform in which we can inspire and uplift other individuals going through the same thing. This is exactly what inspired author Simone Allen to write her first book, How to Take a Selfie. “This is a book written for millennials; I really feel that our generation and the one under us can benefit from my work. Especially women.”

After suffering from depression, and not understanding her purpose in life, Simone began the journey of putting pen to paper with the intention of helping others get through their own struggles. She hopes that readers are able to take away the knowledge that God loves them, as well as inspire self-confidence in the plans He has in store for us.

When asked what her favorite part of writing this book was, author Simone Allen says the entire process was what made it all worth it. “It’s been a three-year journey writing this book and eventually getting it published. There were times when I couldn’t write and in those times, I simply worshiped. The scriptures and music that inspired this book were life changing throughout the process.”

Simone is a huge advocate for aspiring authors and advises that anyone with a story to tell, to go for it! “The truth is that so many others need to hear your testimony so that they can see the miracles of the Lord. Take baby steps, even if it takes years to finish!”

To stay up to date on ‘How to Take a Selfie’ and keep in the loop with author Simone Allen, you can get connected through social media, as well as through the November Media Publishing website. We’re excited for her debut book release, and we hope you’re prepared to take on Simone’s year-long selfie challenge with us!

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