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New Book Release: "The S.H.E. Guide" by Kenya McGuire Johnson


New Book Release: "The S.H.E. Guide" by Kenya McGuire Johnson

Chicago, IL – April 30, 2024 –November Media proudly announces the release of "The S.H.E. Guide Journal Series," authored by Kenya McGuire Johnson, an accomplished artist, creative entrepreneur, and holistic wellness coach. As the Owner & Founder of Finding Your Voice Health & Wellness, Kenya brings her extensive expertise in physical therapy, self-care coaching, and holistic wellness to empower women of color to thrive and manifest meaningful lifestyles.

"In a world where women of color often face unique challenges, it's essential to prioritize self-care and healing," says Kenya McGuire Johnson. "Through 'The S.H.E. Guide,'” I aim to guide readers towards choosing healing over avoidance, embracing rest to facilitate release, and reconnecting with their true selves."

"The S.H.E. Guide," a transformative guidebook series, is designed to inspire women to live authentically and align their lives with their personal needs. Focusing on wellness check-ins, personal affirmations, and journaling, this guidebook prompts readers to reflect on their unique qualities, contributions, and abilities.

Drawing from her experience as a coach and faculty member at Rush University, Kenya McGuire Johnson offers practical strategies to help readers overcome stagnation, blocks, and limitations. By getting still and tapping into their inner wisdom, readers can unlock their full potential and embark on a journey of personal transformation.

The principles outlined in "The S.H.E. Guide" resonate with anyone seeking to thrive in their overall wellness and lifestyle. Whether readers are navigating career transitions, relationship challenges, or simply seeking greater fulfillment, this guidebook serves as a roadmap to reclaiming joy, purpose, and vitality.

"It is your time to shine and for your soul and purpose to flourish," adds Kenya McGuire Johnson. "With 'The S.H.E. Guide,' readers can embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and renewal."

"The S.H.E. Guide" is now available for purchase online and at select retailers. For more information about Kenya McGuire Johnson and Finding Your Voice Health & Wellness, visit

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Upcoming Events:

The S.H.E. Experience: Live Music, Poetry & Affirmations

This interactive live event will feature an intimate acoustic music performance by KENYA to celebrate the release of her new book, "The S.H.E. Guide."

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