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An Interview With Shana Stuckey, Author of "Get UNStuck"

So, what inspired you to publish your book?

“Because of my accomplishments as a single mother, I'm always asked, “How do you manage to push through?” A lot of the time I find inspiration that helps me push past those feelings I had when I would just feel stuck and giving up on my goals. When we have those feelings, it is important to find that inspiration and keep going. As repetitive as this may sound, it really helps! That inspired me to create a guide for those who often have those similar feelings and to let my readers know, we all face different adversities that'll leave us feeling stuck. Remember, it's just a feeling, and you too can get passed it!

What can readers take away from your book?

After reading my book, I want my readers to be able to have a shifted mindset. I want them to be able to get out of that sunken situation and go out there to do what God has called them to do! As they read my book, they’ll learn more about personal situations I've been through that most can relate to. I want to continue to be an inspiration to others.

What is your writing process like?

Well, I never rush the writing process, and I let things flow as I'm inspired. The moment I've become inspired by something, I’ll instantly start writing. I found myself writing while on the plane, at the local Starbucks, at gatherings when things would come to my head, or anywhere! Even when I would need motivation, I would write and reflect as a reminder to myself.

What is your favorite quote in this book, and why?

My favorite would be, "Don't give up on your miracle, just because you feel miserable." The quote speaks for itself, and has a lot of meaning! Feelings will have you give up on everything if you allow them. I had to literally get over myself, and not make decisions based off of temporary feelings.

Are you planning to write other books?

The thought has definitely occurred! I believe in the near future I will write another book.

What's a cool or interesting fact about yourself?

I recently purchased my first pair of gym shoes a few weeks back! I'm definitely a heel and cute flats type of chic!

What is some advice you would give aspiring or first-time authors?

The hardest part is starting. You have to push through that by writing a sentence. Once you have that first sentence you'll have another, and then another! Sometimes you may have to change your environment to get things done, even if it means going to a local library to get things done. Always remember why you're wanting to write a book and keep that why in front of you. It'll definitely go quicker than you think.

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