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Author Ngina L. Thomas

We are excited to feature author Ngina L. Thomas as one of our affiliate authors, and it is an honor to highlight her independently published book Why Worship?: Understanding the Origin, Relevance, and Impact of Your Access to God’s Presence

Ngina L. Thomas has taken some of the deepest, most complex ideas, and masterfully simplified them to be understood by all. Deconstructing the framework of what many believe to be acceptable forms of worship from pulpits, culture, and personal practice, this book reveals truth. Free of religious banter and traditional rhetoric, Ngina layers the pages of this book with clarity, authenticity, and reverence for God’s divine intention for true worshippers. As you read, prepare to feel the tangible presence of God fill whatever space you are in. Expect to be fully captivated and swept into authentic worship encounters with the One and True Living God.

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