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Debra Givens, Why Not You

We are excited to announce our newest author, Debra Givens.

Givens is a native of Gary, Indiana. She is an advanced practice nurse who has served the health care industry for over 28 years. She has a strong passion for assisting others and developing nurses in their career paths. She has assisted aspiring nurses on their journey in the healthcare industry and coached many in passing their NCLEX examination. Debra has held multiple leadership positions within the healthcare setting, ranging from assisting with clinic services as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Director of Nursing, Consulting, and VP of Clinical Services.

Debra believes that many desire more out of life and seek answers, supporters, or in some cases, the courage within themselves to know they have what it takes. She has an unwavering heart for people and a desire to see everyone fulfilled in what they believe their role is in life.



Life setbacks, hurts, disappointments, and unpredicted negative changes can cause one to be blinded by the bigger picture and focus on the irritants, hiccups, and bumps in the road that can cause stagnation, stand-stills, or simply put lack of motion in an individual's life. When those waves come, you may ask yourself:

  • How do I push my life forward and become what I can see in others but not always within myself?

  • Do I ride the wave until it settles, or do I swim on top of the wave until I get to the other side?

  • Can I take hold of my destiny and make life what success is to me?

  • Or, do I allow a glimpse of a faded picture to cross my mind every now and then of how things could have been?

I know they say change is good, and sometimes you have to fight to get what you want. But, how do I not let fear have the position on my stage and take the major role? How do I get my fight back? What inventory of myself do I need to make to identify what life lessons I learned along the way that I may have forgotten?

I want to encourage each reader to fight for themselves and never give up on you. Dismantle the picture you see if you don't like it and make a decision as well as a commitment to yourself that you will win.

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