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Empowering Testimony Shatters Stigma: "Dear Sis, You Can Live Free"

Updated: Nov 16, 2023


National (November 16, 2023) — In a heartfelt journey that began in November 2018, right after her 33rd birthday, Tiheasha embarked on a quest to find answers to a question that weighed heavily on her heart: "Can God restore you and heal your marriage after an emotional affair?" Fueled by her conviction and a profound desire to break free from an emotional entanglement, especially as a Christian woman, she turned to Google for guidance.

However, her search yielded no articles that focused on the victory and freedom that a woman of God could attain in the wake of redemption. Now six years later, after walking a path of freedom and healing in this challenging area of life, she made a momentous decision. She would surrender her testimony to God and offer encouragement to her sisters in faith.

Introducing "Dear Sis, You Can Live Free," a groundbreaking junior project that is set to redefine how women approach and overcome secret battles with sin in different aspects of their lives. The primary goal is to empower women to muster the courage to expose these battles, allowing God to liberate them to become the women He intricately designed for His glory.

In addition to inspiring women to embrace their stories of redemption, this project is poised to revolutionize the dialogue surrounding the topic of shame within the Christian community. It emphasizes that stories of restoration and transformation are not tales of shame but powerful narratives of redemption in Christ.

Author Tiheasha Denise Beasley, is determined to foster a community of empowered women who share their journeys from a place of victory in Christ. Each story of a sister or brother in Christ being restored to right standing with God is a testament to the boundless grace and redemption available to all.

"Dear Sis, You Can Live Free" offers a fresh perspective on the Christian experience, shining a light on the triumph of faith over adversity and the unyielding love and grace of God. It is a resounding call for women to stand tall, embrace their freedom, and boldly share stories of transformation.

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact:

Contact: Tiheasha Denise Beasley

Title: Author and Speaker


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About Tiheasha Denise Beasley:

Tiheasha Denise Beasley is a passionate advocate for women's empowerment, redemption, and freedom in Christ. With "Dear Sis, You Can Live Free," she seeks to inspire and uplift women who face secret struggles in their lives, demonstrating that they too can find victory and redemption through their faith in God.

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