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Jenil Bennett, Love Messages from God

Author Jenil Bennett is a joy-filled, laid-back, loving woman that enjoys empowering others with the Word of God. Whether balancing family, career, or ministry; Jenil is passionate and intentional in all that she does.

She enjoys having quiet moments in God's presence. These quiet moments have helped her through the highest and lowest points of her life. The personal messages of love and encouragement that God has blessed Jenil with, were too good to be kept to herself. Thus leading to her debut book, "Love Messages from God".

Through "Love Messages from God" readers have been able to understand God's Word (The Holy Bible) in a realistic, user-friendly way. Ultimately, drawing them closer to the amazing love of God.

About "Love Messages from God"

Fears, joys, hurts, hopes, we all face them at some point in our lives. The assurance of God's love is what helps us navigate life. Jenil Bennett can attest to this. Through the ups and downs of life, Jenil has experienced God's love most through simple yet compelling messages; that God has spoken to her through scripture. Over time, Jenil has realized that these messages are not for her alone.

It is Jenil's passion to encourage others through the Word of God and share the love of God with all people. She now has the opportunity to do so with her new book "Love Messages from God."

Book Reviews

"This book is amazing! I find myself going back to certain pages to find scripture. The scripture backups are really helpful.. Since reading this book, I even have my 14 year old son doing some self love research as well. Definitely a blessing..." - R. Campbell

"I enjoy reading Love Messages from God as my morning daily read! I can feel the writers passion behind her words. This book gives me a fresh start on meditation and a reminder on how good my God is. I appreciate my God for placing these messages on the writers heart to share with the world. I love, love this book!" - R. Jones

"I got the book just a little while ago and I can't put it down! The first page is exactly what I needed." - K. McCarthy

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