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Mark Winkler Discusses Going to Court and Fighting for Custody as a Black Man with Tom Joyner

Author and father Mark Winkler recently sat down for an interview to discuss his new book, My Daughter’s Keeper, and the discrimination that comes with fighting for child custody as a black man. He spoke about the trials and tribulations that come with being a black father in a custody battle and the injustice faced by plenty of good fathers because of their skin color and background.

“Even though I know I was in the right, I felt that if I went to court, I was going to get an unfair treatment because I am a black man.”

Mark Winkler also discussed why he took so long to initiate legal action concerning the custody of his daughter. As he struggled with the narrative that black men in this country have suffered over the years during custody battles, he built a persona to change the ideology from the norm.

“I knew that I had every right to be a father, but I also knew that I had to be realistic about what I was going to be facing. I would be facing historical prejudices against me as a black man, and I knew that if I expressed certain emotions in a certain way that the false narrative against me was going to be automatically seen as true.”

The author ended his interview by concluding that his new book, My Daughter’s Keeper is hope for men, and a source of inspiration for women!

Listen to the full interview below. Also purchase a copy of My Daughter’s Keeper here.

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