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Meet Quinnise Pettway, Author of A GLIMPSE of Our Father!

What inspired you to publish your book? Publishing my book was definitely God’s idea! As He gave me the vision, ideas began to pour in, and I knew that the lessons and messages that I received were meant for the world to hear. I chose to publish so that others could experience the same sense of encouragement, hope, inspiration and even just gentle reminders that resulted from the book’s concepts and stories.

What can readers take away from your book? I pray that each and every person who reads this book is introduced to, re-introduced to and/or reminded that God is his/her Heavenly Father. I pray that each reader is reminded of His great love for him/her. I pray that each reader is reminded that, with God as his/her Father, he/she can do and get through any situation or challenge. I pray that each reader takes away the fact that he/she is who God says that he/she is and that is enough. I pray that each reader is able to connect with God, our Father, on a deeper level and also be reminded that He loved him/her so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, for his/her salvation, and with a relationship with Christ, he/she is unstoppable and secure in his/her identity as a child of God!

What was your writing process like? My writing process took place in stages. Initially, I started writing down quotes for the book whenever my daughter said something noteworthy or my husband said something captivating. Next, I began to expound upon each quote, which then led to each lesson and scriptures that coincided with each lesson. Finally, the activities and prayers were incorporated. The process spanned about a 2-year period, in which the quotes just sat, saved in a document for a little while. I would also add to the book as more ideas flowed and more profound statements and revelations came along.

Are you planning to write other books? I am yielding to God regarding writing additional books. As He gives me more, I will certainly write more. I will also be creating a blog that is an extension of the book, along with some additional relatable and relevant content. I am totally open and committed to walking in this season as an author and letting my ministry speak through each and every book and blog post that God gives me to share for such a time as this.

What's a cool or interesting fact about yourself? In college, I remember telling people that I was from Tucson, AZ, and they would respond with, “I did not know that there were even black people there!” I always laughed at that response. But yes, Arizona does have black people for anyone who did not know :). I was blessed to grow up in an amazing, predominantly black church, which is actually the oldest black Baptist church in Arizona, where I was able to get my foundation in the Word and where my early relationship with Christ was greatly nurtured.

What is some advice you would give aspiring or first-time authors? My advice to aspiring or first-time authors is to GO FOR IT!! Just write. Do not stop. Write, edit, repeat…you can do it! There is nothing too hard for Our Father! God has given you a gift that is worth sharing with the world, and the world needs to hear from you. No matter how fast or slow your progress seems to be, stick with it, and before you know it, you will have a finished work that was designed not to be hidden, but, rather, to be shared.

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