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Nov Collective Book Feature: In My Dreams, by Jada Parks

Yazmin Blake is a 16-year-old girl with hopes of adventure! However, in reality, she has a very boring life and desperately wishes to escape the agony of her daily routine.

School, home, eat, sleep. School, home, eat, sleep.

Oh, the dreaded teenage life. Then suddenly, Yazmin falls asleep one night and is awakened to a reality that she doesn’t want to escape in her dreams.

In her second life, she finds herself more popular and attractive, leading her to date the boy of her dreams. But as her vivid dreams continue, she realizes that her second life is becoming harder and harder to manage.

Now she must decide between putting herself or her first “love” first to remain sane. Will she be able to turn her fantasies into reality, or will they just stay in her dreams?

Meet The Author

Jada Parks is the oldest of four girls born and raised in Chicago and currently lives with her parents, Jason and Jennifer Parks, and siblings in Indiana. She’s a junior in Highschool, and She enjoys cooking, reading books, and color-coding her many notes.

In My Dreams, Jada’s debut book, is the first book of her fictional book series, and she is overjoyed to have the opportunity to add ‘published author’ to her resume at the age of 16.

Available March 31st, 2023

For a signed copy from the author, pre-order your copy today!

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