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Orlett Pearson Mccall Presents; I Am A Doctor, With Grace & Style!

Orlett Pearson McCall was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and founded Orlett W. Photography, LLC. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, Duke McCall. Her corporate career in wireless technology allowed her to travel extensively throughout the world, where she developed her photography skills. Inspired by the beautiful scenery in this world, Orlett photographed architectural landscapes and later began photographing the beauty in people. This change allowed her to connect with others, build relationships, and create memories. Staying in tune with her creative side, Orlett has crafted a manuscript in which she tells the stories of female Doctors of Color, through her photography.


I Am A Doctor, With Grace & Style, one of the pieces from the author’s Grace & Style Project is a book designed to highlight Black Female Doctors in the United States. The project showcases each doctors' beauty and intellect. This book will challenge young children, along with high school and medical students, to dare to dream big and work towards accomplishing whatever they want in life.

There are over 40 doctors in various disciplines involved in the project. The doctors, ranging from medical, dental, and different Ph.D. disciplines, shared a path that may have included long hours of study, limited social life, and gender and racial bias. Still, all of them had the tenacity and determination to face their challenges and complete their goals.

It is the author’s desire that as you read these amazing stories of the doctors she has featured, that you see how she has skillfully captured their personalities through her photography in an inspiring way.

Orlett Pearson McCall

I Am A Doctor, With Grace & Style

Book Now Available at Amazon!

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