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Proven Not Perfect: 7 Truths of a Corporate, Executive, Mommy, Wife and Christian

Since its original release in 2018, this Amazon bestseller about simple truths - captured in a handy, convenient, complementary tool for a leader's desk, briefcase, or bag - has delighted many readers. In this 2nd Edition, Shontra brings new layers to reflect upon in the form of prompts, journal pages, and in a hardbound book - sure to withstand both travel and spills.

  • (Re)Explore the 7 truths as they resonate for your life - today.

  • (Re)Imagine how you show up in your journey for yourself, as well as those that you love, serve or lead; as a force to accomplish "good things."

  • (Re)Assess how far you've come and ensure that you remain on your unique, blessed path.


Review time-tested truths for success in leadership and life through the lens of a driven leader who chooses to show up completely every day!

Proven Not Perfect Now Available

"Proven Not Perfect provides a wonderful example of what being a values-based Christian leader is all about... self-reflection and prayer, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility. I found it both practical and uplifting."

-Harry Kraemer, Jr.

Clinical professor, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management; former chairman and CEO, Baxter International

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