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Q&A with Author Audrey Todd

What inspired you to publish your book?

Publishing my book never really crossed my mind until it was revealed to me just how important the information I had written needed to be heard by my generation. I wanted to give Christian millennial's a guide on how to strengthen their relationship with God while enjoying life and still being relevant.

What can readers take away from your book?

My hope and aim are that readers will walk away with a renewed perspective concerning kingdom values and principles. Mainstream culture defines your value and living your best life as generating wealth, having relationship goals, attaining business-mogul status, and obtaining material possessions, but there’s a kingdom culture that says, “Yes, you can obtain all of these things, but first things first, and that’s discovering your true identity and purpose.” Kingdom priorities come first, and then all other things are secondary.

What was your writing process like?

It was rather organic. Writing for me has always been therapeutic and liberating. Like most true writers, finding inspiration and maintaining it was a challenge. I focused on the bigger picture, which was how many lives were waiting to be impacted by this book. Many times, I would consider placing it on hold to complete other projects, but the fire within me wouldn’t die and only grew stronger until it was completed.

Are you planning to write other books?

Absolutely, I am not just an author; I am a writer. I have started two other books and have dozens more in mind. All of us are experts of some type of information, either by way of research and learned information, life experiences, or even teachings. My goal is to publish many books encompassing a broad spectrum of all of the above.

What's a cool or interesting fact about yourself?

Of course, I am a music lover, but many people don’t know that I absolutely love rock music. Some of the best hard rock and metal bands are actually faith-based. I love Phineas, Skillet, Norma Jean, and Demon Hunter.

What is some advice you would give aspiring or first-time authors?

It appears many people are writing books and that the book-writing industry is becoming more and more oversaturated. Be authentic. The fad of being an author will soon dissipate, and those who remain will be people with the authentic gift of writing. First-time or aspiring authors should first define their purpose for writing and ensure their intentions are genuine.


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