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1. What inspired you to publish your book?

I have always been asked to write a book because of my unique life experiences; however, Rodney Walker, my mentee and a best-selling author, was the one who inspired me to start the process. His motivation allowed me to be transparent about things I was afraid to deal with and confront it head-on. Because of him, the world will have an opportunity to know my story.

2. What can readers take away from your book?

No matter what you go through in life, trust the process. It is all by divine order. In the end, it will all make sense.

3. What was your writing process like?

Writing this book was a spiritual awakening. Many times, I cried myself to sleep reliving the traumatic events I was forced to confront. What I realized was that through it all, God was right there by my side. His plans were far greater than I could have ever imagined. I’ve become a principal known worldwide because of his grace and mercy.

4. What is your favorite chapter in this book and why?

I don’t have a favorite chapter; they are all special in their own unique way. Each chapter helped shape the person who I am today.

5. Are you planning to write other books?

Yes, I have already begun the process. The title of my next book is Radical Leadership: Tips and Strategies for Transforming Schools.

6. What’s a cool or interesting fact about yourself?

I can play the piano by ear and have been playing since I was ten years old. I love playing songs that remind me of certain aspects of my life. It takes me to a happy place.

7. What is some advice you would give aspiring or first-time authors?

Start the process. Remember, you are the expert on your own life. The journey may be difficult, but it is well worth it. The world is waiting.


The Twists & Turns of Possibility, My Life is My True Story is a riveting journey about a young man who grew up in Gary, Indiana. He was able to defy incredible odds to become a school principal, recognized all over the world for his unique approach to education.

Instead of running from the pain of his past, author Michael McGrone Sr. embraced it and used it to restore hope, rebuild dreams, and save lives.

Children from all over the world will understand that no matter what you go through in life, it’s all by divine order to help you reach your destiny. It will help you understand that your life is not a mistake and to trust the process.

“God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.”

― Henry Blackaby

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